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Projects Timeline

A neat little timeline with the most important projects

February 2020

VR architectural visualizations

A project composed of creating a website and VR architectural visualizations using Unreal Engine 4 and the Quixel megascans library.

Technologies: Unreal Engine 4, Python, HTML, CSS


December 2019

STEM Games technolgy mentor

Participated in the organization of the 2020 STEM Games as a technology vice-lead and mentor.
Created concepts and tasks for the competition as well as the supporting infrastructure and software.


November 2020

Wintrado backed microservices

Worked on the backed microservices for the Wintrado trading platform. These microservices included managing user sessions, DOS and brute force protection, data pipelining etc.

Technologies: TypeScript, Node.js, Docker, Kubernetes


February 2019

Smart toy games & systems

Created games and iOS systems for a company developing smart toys. 

Technologies: Unity, C#, Swift, ObjC

January 2019

Chat web application

Designed, developed and published a chat website that matches people based on the topic they want to talk about.

Technologies: Node.js, HTML, CSS,


September 2016 - 2020

Hazmat educational simulations

Developed educational simulations used for training hazmat personel, firemen and policemen to respond to hazardous material leaks and accidents.

Technologies: Unity, C#